Real Estate

  • Before jumping on a great real estate opportunity in Israel, be sure to get informed legal advice.
  • Check real estate opportunities are both legally and economically viable.
  • We help you limit liabilities, to protect both your company and your reputation.
  • Ongoing legal advice, draws on our firm’s in-depth sector knowledge of local real estate.
  • Our clients include real estate investors, contractors, developers, and landowners.
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  • Before making an investment decision, be sure to get thorough legal advice.
  • Dealing with the authorities can be time-consuming and frustrating. We act on your behalf to avoid legal entanglements - and potential law-suits that may hamper your interests.
  • We can defend your interests in court if necessary, as shown by our landmark court case, where we secured recourse for defrauded investors.
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Arbitrage, Notary, and Additional Services

  • We negotiate on your behalf and conduct arbitration in disputes with your customers, suppliers, partners, bank, etc.
  • Taxation is complicated. We meticulously examine all aspects prior to a transaction or investment, and also assist you with the tax authorities.
  • As a notary, we notarize the necessary documents for submission to foreign governmental bodies, such as governmental agencies or universities.
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News and updates

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